Men's G-Shock Premium Mudmaster Black x Gold Alarm Watch

£ 750.00

Master of G Black and GoldRenowned for reliable functionality, constructed to operate under severe environments on land, the sea and in the air – the new matte black and gold series adds distinctive elements to the design. Buttons, band buckle, band loop, crown, and bezel, with other metal parts are gold ion plated. The result is a collection of beautiful timepieces that maintain all the original toughness of the G-SHOCK brand. The Triple Sensor Mudmaster is designed to resist mud and ample vibration in harsh environments of rubble, dirt and heavy duty operations. As the first Casio analogue watch to feature Mud Resist construction, multiple gaskets are used on the pipes that guide buttons and shafts, to keep mud out – a reinforced screw in crown and new bezel structure protect the timepiece, ensuring nothing gets into the watch. On the wrist, natural conditions can be assessed with Triple Sensor v3 capabilities featuring a compass, altimeter/barometer and temperature digital readings. Standard shock resistance and water resistance of 200 metres are provided along with tough solar charging and Multi Band 6 time synchronization. The Mudmaster is a durable timepiece built for toughness in the most challenging environments.