Epson Runsense SF-810B GPS Sports Monitor Black

£ 150.00

Featuring cutting-edge Epson sensing technology the SF-810 combines a highly-accurate energy-efficient GPS chip and Epson’s Smart Stride Sensor. The Smart Stride sensor learns your running technique so even when signal is lost your distance won’t be. The state-of-the-art built-in optical heart rate sensor, reads your heart rate from your wrist so you can free yourself from chest straps forever. And thanks to its 20 hours of battery life in GPS and heart rate measuring mode you can run for longer before needing to recharge. Syncing the SF-810 with your phone to enable fast GPS positioning with the AGPS function is easy. You can also connect to your smart device using Bluetooth Smart for easy uploading of your data. Helping you to train smarter Runsense lets you track your progress against long-term targets designed to improve your performance. The free Runsense View portal and Run Connect app help you customise your settings and monitor, analyse, compare and even share your stats to maximise your potential. With fully customisable screens you can tap to cycle through four screens with up to three measurements on each chosen from a huge range of options. You can set customisable phases for interval training, variable target pacing and laps to suit your regime or even use the indoor mode. Furthermore the SF-810 is water resistant up to 5ATM/50 metres and has a compact lightweight design making it ideal for daring yourself to go the extra mile. Epson announces that its Runsense GPS watches are now compatible with Strava